Why do I feel differently about coin people in person than I do online?

I find it easy to get along with just about anyone online, but feel strange meeting people in person. I find myself judging and doing a lot of judging when I am face to face. I feel myself judging people judge me, or judging someone judging me while I judge them. Does that make sense? I know I am in the privacy of my own home right now, but why is it so awkward to meet someone in person. I get these different vibes in feeling someone out. It must be too high of expectations. First I would like to say that I could care less about how someone looks, or whether they are male or female or age for that matter. I’ve played cards with thousands of people, and gotten over that hump. It is more along the lines of this: When it comes to people my age it is bad news. It turns into some childish competition that I don’t want to get involved in. It doesn’t matter if they have been collecting their entire life or just started yesterday. It turns into a one ups-manship that I unwillingly participate in. YN (teenagers).. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Older veterans? No threat whatsoever. People in my age range I don’t know why, but it’s like we have to prove something to each other. Like we are living in a dog eat dog world and this is not just about sharing coins and information. When I meet random people to play disc golf, there is no threat whatsoever. We throw Frisbees around and keep on moving. On the other hand there is something more personal with coins. When it comes time to share my coins, it is not the same as online. Someone is looking directly into my identity. Sometimes when someone asks me for instance "how long have you been collecting," I am wondering… Is this person wondering how long I have been collecting, or do they want to figure out if I can be beneficial to them financially? I know this is a very obscure thread, but I would love to hear opinions. :rollling:

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