The one that got away

Just got off the phone with my Uncle who lives in Lancaster CA. Recently my great uncle passed at 99 years old. He married into and was part owner of the Tropico Gold Mine. (He was also a childhood friend of Judy Garland). Anyhow I guess when he passed his money got split up 22 ways to all of his nieces and nephews (my mother being one of them). I am not a gold digger, but was interested in his bulk silver. I assumed my uncle Bruce had inherited the junk silver, since he did inherit quite a bit of gold. We got to talking photography. DSLRs, 1.4s, Macro lenses.. Stuff I have no idea about. We started talking coins, Lunars, bullion and such. Then he says "geez I wish I would have known you were this much into coins." When Glenn passed we took 100 pounds of silver to be scrapped. He said most of them were wash quarters and mercury dimes all pre 64. I said 100 Pounds!? Apparently they weighed it and everything and a local dealer came up with the figure of 17K. I said "WHAT!!" Doing the math in my head. 17k? 100 pounds of 90% silver is around 50k. Obviously I was shocked, and it is gone, so I might as well get it out of my head. On the other hand could I turn this guy into the BBB? I just cannot believe that they were ripped off to the tune of 30k. It is a shame that my uncle didn’t know enough to save those coins. That could have very well propelled me to get my own operation going. Just thinking about it gets my blood boiling. Why am I posting it on CT? I don’t know. I told my wife about it and she said " That’s ok honey another coin will come along." LOL!? yeah right. I’m going for a walk.

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