Got Tired of Trying to Photoshop My Coin Images, So …

… I decided to do some testing. The colors were NOT coming out correct and I’m not good enough with manipulating the images to make them look right. I decided to apply the KISS principle on my first test. I went from two light sources to one (OTT-LITES). And I set the one as overhead [...]

Help! Trying to Attribute My IHCs

Since I now have about 27 IHCs I decided to try to attribute them. So I pulled down my copy of Snow’s attribution guide. I happened to have my 1898 available so I opened the guide to that date. THERE ARE 36 VARIETIES LISTED!!! And to confuse me even further the guide says there were [...]

trying to get better pictures…

so this month i am dedicating to getting better pictures of my coins. i am going to be posting photos i have taken and how i took them. i am looking for input, good or bad. but if bad, please tell me what you think is wrong and what i can do to help correct [...]

ebay seller trying to get more bids?

selling low grade indians,with a better picture….:bigeyes:…item27b1db4e9d View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat Related Blogs Check out more on high andlt;a href= | Weight Loss Secret of the … How to develop a site with div tags | Construction Company New 7 Pc Luxurious Grade-A Teak Dining Set – 69″ Console Table [...]

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