1892 Barber Quarter Type 1 and 2 ~ Question

I read in the Red Book that in 1892 there are two types of Barber Quarter. The first type has trhe wings of the eagle covering only some of the E’s and the second type has the wings of the eagle covering most of the E’s. I am looking for the first and second type [...]

Silver Eagles Made From Polished and Unpolished Dies ~ Question

I noticed that 1986 silver Eagles are made from Polished dies while later Eagles are made from unpolished dies. Does anyone know what year the change occured? I see a noticable design difference from the 1986 ASE and the later ASE in the field behind the stars on the flag, what would be the blue [...]

Question: Does it require to have DCAM to qualify for PR69-PR70?

I have question regarding to PR69-PR70. I have notice that tier grading and any articles always show PR69DCAM or PR70DCAM. I haven’t seen PR69-PR70. Does that mean if I have any proof set that has no DCAM (white frost) on it, it will automatic never qualify as PR69-PR70? Is DCAM a top luster to qualify [...]

Silica gel recharging question

Do you guys think a toaser oven would work for recharging silica gel? View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

General Lincoln Wheat Cent Grading Question

I have some early Lincoln wheats that have never been in circulation. However, they are all in varying shades of brown, some very attractive. They lack mint luster, so what would they grade(s) at? They’re not AU because they aren’t ALMOST uncirculated…they are uncirculated. Thanks in advance for the expert opinions I am sure to [...]

Question about fantasy pieces

Ok this might sound very stupid. Actually I’m almost certain that this is completely rediculous, but I’ve got a question about fantasy pieces. What about taking lady liberty and making coinage of her doing different activities; such as playing golf? Reading a book? Driving a Corvette? Do you get where I am going with this? [...]

Question about PCGS Secure Plus Service

I have an G$1 dollar that appears to be proof or proof-like but came back as having "altered surfaces" after a standard submission to PCGS. I have looked at the surfaces very carefully and to me it does not appear to have been altered but I am certainly not a professional. I was wondering if [...]

photography/vid question

hey everybody, since a lot of you are into photographing your coins, and some are even into making videos, i was wondering where i can get a cheap, but decent macro lens that can attach to my camera (if those even exist) I have a decent quality digital camera (a samsung tl100 if it means [...]

Question About NGC Coupon For 5 Free Submissions

I am considering joining NGC Premium membership for $125/year. The Premium membership gets you a coupon for 5 free submissions of Early Bird, Standard World or Ancient Standard submissions. I want to submit a mix of two China Silver Pandas, one USA Dolley Madison gold, one USA Trade Dollar, one USA Morgan Dollar. Will that [...]

Question regarding to grading system…

I have this thought and bother me for while. I have checked google and no luck to find information. You might know answer to it. I wonder if Mechanical Doubling will minus a point or two in grading system? For example, the overall coin’s condition is cosider as MS 66-67, but it does have mechanical [...]

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