US Mint Sales: Silver Products Return, Hayes Dollar Covers Debut

The United States Mint this week reported the debut sales for the Hayes Presidential Dollar Coin Cover Buyers opted to hand out more money for coins last week as 63 United States Mint products outperformed their previous weekly gains, the latest sales figures from the bureau revealed. Friday’s returning silver coins and sets helped raise [...]

US Mint Offers Final Sales Dates For Many 2010-2011 Coin Products

An assortment of American coin products with final sales dates are now listed on a new United States Mint’s "Last Opportunity" online store page. They include six sets and ten gold, silver, and clad commemorative coins, as well as some America the Beautiful Quarters® and Presidential coin rolls. At the top of the online page, [...]

2010-2011 US Mint Last Chance Products Include Sets, Rolls and Commemoratives

Location of the U.S. Mint's Last Chance Products Page The United States Mint on Wednesday, October 5, added a new last chance products page to its online store entitled "Last Opportunity." The last chance products includes a variety of 2010, 2011 and even a couple of 2009-dated offerings like proof and mint sets, quarter rolls, [...]

US Mint Sales: Lower Bullion, Suspensions Trip Collector Silver Products

Lower precious metals have spurred United States Mint sales of investment-grade bullion coins but they have been detrimental, along with resulting coin suspensions, to collector silver products. The 2011-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle was one of five coins to have its sales total cut following suspensions of US Mint silver products The Mint suspended silver [...]

US Mint Sales: Three Products Debut, Bullion Silver Eagles Pass 4 Million

The Gettysburg Silver Uncirculated Coin was one of the three US Mint products with debut sales. Two of the three newest products debuted at the top of the US Mint sales report. Starting with the best-selling, the most recent items offered were the Olympic National Park Quarter Three-Coin Set, the 2011-P Gettysburg National Military Park [...]

US Mint Sales: Numismatic Products Slow, Silver Coins Stand Out

Fewer dollars were spent on numismatic products last week, United States Mint sales figures reveal. While the previous sales report boasted 80 numismatic products that had outperformed their previous weekly gains, just 11 managed the feat in the latest report. 4 actually had their totals trimmed. Proof American Silver Eagle coins returned as the bestselling [...]

Mint products in boxes - what to do?

Hey everyone, I bought way to much stuff from the mint when I first got into this stuff a few years back, like 3-5 of lots of things. I am hanging onto at least 2 of each for my sister and myself but have been wanting to get rid of the rest. I haven’t had [...]

US Mint Precious Metals Products Taken Off Sale as Gold and Silver Prices Soar

Three of the many United States Mint products taken off sale following volatile precious metals prices. More than a dozen gold and silver products have once again been halted by the United States Mint — the victim of soaring precious metal prices. The bureau indicates that a total of eighteen different gold and silver products [...]

US Mint Sales: 72 Products Outperform, Gold Coins Dominate

The United States Mint enjoyed several days of robust sales. 72 of its collector products outperformed their previous weekly gains, according to the latest US Mint sales figures. Gold prices registered a series of four straight daily records last week, and that apparently directed buyers’ attention toward US Mint gold coins. Of the bureau’s 16 [...]

US Mint Sales: Silver Coins Lead Mint Products

Collectors returned to buying coins in larger quantities last week — especially silver coins. The latest US Mint sales figures pegged 61 numismatic products as having outperformed their previous weekly gains. That compares to 21 products from the prior report and 17 from the time before that. Sales of silver coins have been supported by [...]

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