Roll Hunting Newbie here. Help Please!!

I just went to the bank after work today to get my first rolls to search through. I wanted halves but they only had 8 rolls so I picked those up and just went for the rest dimes. I have $600 worth of dime rolls right now. I am wondering what I should keep my [...]

coin roll hunting find! on the first roll

found a red bu 2000 wide am penny on my first roll this evening!!!!! View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

hit a good patch on roll hunting

found a few good ones yesterday on some rolls..if anyone can let me know anything about these that would be great Attached Thumbnails           View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

coin roll hunting: hand sorting vs. machine sorting?

hey guys, When you coin roll hunt, do prefer to hand sort, or use a machine? I personally prefer a machine to save time, but when I roll up my cents I just check each one to see its a wheaty or s mint. View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

To everyone who is coin roll hunting!

Hello, I went to Wells Fargo got 34 rolls and paid $340. When I go to count them in the car I have 32 rolls. I tell them you gave me 320 i paid 340. The guys was angry but gave my money back. I almost got ripped off so here is my lesson learned [...]

uk member looking for hunting grounds

sorry if something like this has been posted before, ok i live in the middle of a forest, in the middle of some fields, in the least densly populated district of england (i think), finding coins around here is …..well….difficult you may say……. so my question is where can i go look for some coins, [...]

bill hunting?

Hello I want to know if any of you have went bill hunting and if it was productive. I would also like to know what denomination produces the most old bills. View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat


a few weeks ago, my mother went to the bank to see if they had any half dollars to buy to surprise me when i get home. The bank said that an elderly man had come in and turned in $30 rolls of halves :rolleyes:. My mom recognized a few, because $10 of them were [...]

Treasure hunting

Ok, Years ago mid 1960′s my dad had placed a jug of coins in a small and old barn on our farm. The barn collapsed and dirt has slipped very slightly. In the 90′s when he was pretty sick he took me to the spot and was trying to get around to show me about [...]

1938 D Nickel found while roll hunting!

Attachment 97220I just found this while roll hunting : 1938 D Nickel ,the stairs onAttachment 97219 the back are more than half there, what do you think it would be graded at? Attached Thumbnails     View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

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