1916 D Mercury Dime NGC AG3 10c United States Mint Silver Key Date Coin

$65,499.00End Date: Thursday Feb-9-2012 16:30:22 PSTBuy It Now for only: $65,499.00Buy It Now | Add to watch list View full post on


$14,750.00End Date: Wednesday Jan-25-2012 19:46:52 PSTBuy It Now for only: $14,750.00Buy It Now | Add to watch list View full post on


$11,850.00End Date: Friday Feb-3-2012 18:15:11 PSTBuy It Now for only: $11,850.00Buy It Now | Add to watch list View full post on

2012 Presidential Dollars – $1 Coin Designs & Images

The United States Mint unveiled the new designs with images of the four 2012 Presidential dollars, per a press release on January 5, 2012. The 2012 Presidential dollars celebrating Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland (First Term), Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland (Second Term) The Presidential dollars honor the 21st through the 24th Presidents on the United [...]

How should I handle marketing for my coin business??

Very up in the air when it comes to coin marketing. As you have heard I want to start my own business in the Coin industry. I would like to keep the marketing, polite and professional/Concise. Something that would reflect a positive feeling. Sometimes it seems like the successful people in the industry have the [...]

What is your best coin deal?

What was the best coin deal you have had? As in: best bang for your buck Best seller best buyer greatest score For me, My best bang for my buck would be a bin of foreign coins I bought for $33 and sold them for a total of $100 The best seller I bought from [...]

would you buy a key date coin with a hole in it?

at a consignment shop i was recently at, i spotted a 1938-O seated liberty dime. but…. it had a hole near the head. would you consider buying it? I know that it wouldnt even grade G-4 but its something i may never see again. it has all the detail in it, just the hole which [...]

The various coin discussion forums

I discovered CoinTalk last month and I think it’s a great forum, well run and generally friendly. The NGC forum has less traffic but is generally a nice place to visit. But over at PCGS they are constantly "outing" allegedly bad eBayers, giving newbies a hard time and making it a generally unpleasant place to [...]

My business plan and LLC has been copyrighted! (JCB Coin) Please Read.

So I am just going to lay it all out there since the rights have been copyrighted. It just so happens that one of my crazy business plans might have potential. It helps that my Cousin Andy Olek is a patent attorney and did the services for free!! So here it goes. I am going [...]

Coin safes?

After searching the forum and the Web I’ve found no topics specifically addressing my concerns with coin storage. Currently I have some bullion and my coins in a small bolted-down Sentry fire safe. I have two concerns about this. Sentry safes are notoriously easy to break into. Fire safes still allow the inside of the [...]

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