British Roman Coin Hoard Find Could Impact Market

One of the risks we take in coin collecting is obtaining truly rare coins, only to learn at some later date a new hoard of the same coin or coins has been discovered and is now driving down the value of our coins. The US 1903-O Morgan silver dollar is a prime example of this, [...]

Counterfeit British £1 coins could force reissue

There are now so many fake £1 coins in circulation the Royal Mint could be forced to scrap all of the coins and reissue the entire denomination. Their warning came as new figures indicated there were £41 million fake £1 coins in Britain – one in every 36 in circulation. This is a record level [...]

1898 British Coin

Can anyone tell me what this is and if it’s valuable? Attached Images     View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

British Petroleum - BP - Tokens

Out of [morbid, perhaps] curiosity (and not trying to stir politics or controversy), I did a little bit of research into whether or not BP has issued tokens in the past. I’ve seen lots of examples of other oil company tokens, but couldn’t recall if I had ever seen any BP. Here are a few [...]

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