FUN in Orlando

I’m going to the FUN show in Orlando on January 12th. I’m in the market for certified Morgans. Should I take a combination of cash and trading silver (eg proof 2012 ASEs and extra Morgans) for working deals? Also, given the number of dealers, I don’t see how I’m going to get to every Morgan dealer. Any ideas on the most efficient way to cover as many booths as possible? Should I narrow my search to some maximum number of coins? Any guidance would be appreciated.:confused:

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Best coin books available

Hello everyone,

I did a search and realized there are no threads which list the best coin books available. So, after being told I have a wide range of interests I thought it would be useful to have a thread posting the best coin books of their particular area or genre. I am sure opinions will vary so to keep it simple lets just post books on coins of different countries and eras. Books that describe the rarity and value of the coin would be best. History of the coin is a plus but not necessary.

post away!

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1952 P Choice High Grade Washington/Carver Early Commerative Half Dollar

So guys I wasn’t paying attention to who graded this coin (apparently they have disappeared now) but I read MS66 and saw it was slabbed. Idk if these pictures are good enough but I was wondering what you guys would grade it as?
Also, I probably want to get it regraded by someone more reliable so I can resell it. Numismedia has this coin in MS66 at $275, do you think PCGS would grade this the same? Hoping I didn’t make a bad buy here. If it is MS66 by PCGS standards, I made a $240 profit, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. K:MEWNX:IT&nma=true&si=%2BD1FGD3RSPz1T%2BoDZwnL7mv CC4I%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc

Please tell me something good here guys!

Sorry for the repost, not sure where to post this.

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eBay “laugh of the day”

Just a silly auction that brought a smile to my face… and a visual reason to crop the "crumbs" out of your photos.…item2a2798f191

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Gold, Silver Fall for Fifth Week; US Bullion Coins Weaken

Gold fell nearly Friday, snapping a two-session winning streak and pulling the yellow metal down for a fifth straight weekly loss — this latest one the smallest of the lot at 0.3%.


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Favorite Coin Purchases in 2012

2013 is closing in & I for one will be glad to see this horrible year go away due to many reasons. But 2012 wasnt all doom/gloom for me offline, it was a pretty good nusmismatic year for me, especially for ancients.

It was hard to pick but I chose 3 of my favorite purchases this year.

What was your favorite coin purchases of 2012?

My first coin is my #1 favorite purchase this year. It was also my most expensive, for me since I usually buy coins on a tight budget. But it was an empress I always wanted pretty much since the first time I saw her when I got into ancients.

Shes fairly scarce but finding good examples is fairly tough. This had everything going for it and despite having scrimp and save I was lucky to get it for a price well below I would have normally paid.

Orbiana (225 - 227 A.D.)
AR Denarius
O: SALL BARBIA ORBIANA AVG, draped bust right.
R: CONCORDIA AVGG,Concordia seated left holding double cornucopia and patera.
RIC IV 319, RSC III 1, BMCRE VI 287, SRCV II 8191

My second favorite purchase. It was one of those too good to be true prices on ebay and with quick research to confirm it wasnt a fake I snatched it up quickly. I was mainly attracted to the reverse. It isnt a type I have in my ancients. Plus I really loved the dark/natural patina and it was from a Eastern Mint, Emesa (Antioch). Not the usual "rome mint" my coins consist of from this period.

Septimius Severus (AD 193-211)
AR Denarius
O: Laureate head right.
R.Corn ear between crossed cornucopia.
(3.19 gm).
Emesa (Antioch) mint, AD 194/195.
RIC 373, RSC 142b.

Last is a ancient I never expected to own for many years. But it was being sold here by another poster here on CT at a reasonable price. The fact it was graded by NGC also made it more attractive since it too is commonly faked.

So of course after some back and forth PMing, it was now in my collection. Of course I cracked it out of the slab since no ancient belongs in graded plastic:devil::(.

So despite being a bit off center, its still one of my top favorites, plus it’s common for these to be off center.

Who wouldnt want to own a coin from Julius Caesar at a great price??

Julius Caesar (Died 44 B.C.)
AR Denarius
O: CAESAR below elephant right trampling on snake.
R: Emblems of the pontificate – culullus (cup) or simpulum (ladle), sprinkler, axe and apex (priest’s hat).
Military Mint, Traveling with Caesar 49 B.C.
RSC I 49, SRCV I 1399, Sydenham 1006, Crawford 443/1

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What do I do now?

For the last few years, I’ve been collecting Half Cents, Large Cents, Indian Head Cents, Buffalos, and SLQs in XF/AU. I’ve completed Buffalos and picked all the low hanging fruit elsewhere. The cheapest coin I need to buy is $200. Trouble is, I shouldn’t really spend the money given that I’m building a house and have a new baby at home. I’m a young guy with good earning potential, so I don’t want to reduce my quality expectations. I have some things I can sell for a little, but don’t have a ton of time. I’d love to find something I can collect in a reasonably high grade (>xf) that will be fun and not too expensive. I don’ really want to take a hiatus, but I’m afraid I may have to. I have a pretty extensive collection of low grade 20th century US coins I built while I was a kid. I’d love some recommendations for what I should do next. I should probably limit myself to $100 per month.

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Fewer and fewer coins in auctions.

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve noticed fewer and fewer coins for sale on eBay in the auction format.

Only 10% of PCGS slabbed coins are in auction format, the other are buy it nows.

I love auctions as you can sometimes buy coins a tad cheaper than a buy-it-now sale.

Has anyone else noticed the number of coins in auction dwindling?

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Nice Rainbow Monster Addition

Added a real dandy to the collection… Its a real treat finding great toned Morgans. I have always said that half of the fun is finding them.Its even more fun when I come across great colors that have such a unique pattern like this one. I hope you all enjoy it!:thumb:

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1998 PCGS MS70 $50 1oz Gold Eagle 9-11 World Trade Center Recovery Coin

End Date: Sunday Jan-27-2013 22:35:27 PST
Buy It Now for only: $15,999.75
Buy It Now | Add to watch list

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