Grading High Grade Modern Coins (MS68, MS69 & MS70)

Does anyone know of a good source that will tell someone how to grade high grade modern coins (MS68, MS69 & MS70)? Do any of the TPG’ers publish their standards for these grades? I have TPG graded examples for some series that I can refer to, but I’d like to find written standards to use in conjunction with these slabbed coins.

Some related questions. If the TPG’ers cannot or do not publish written descriptions for these high grades, how can they justify placing a particular high grade on the coin? How can the consumer have any confidence that the coin warrants that grade? I’m sorry, but, “Trust me, I’m a professional”, doesn’t cut it. A hobbyist should be able to grade their high grade raw coins based on written standards, as they do with lower grade coins or it’s all a fool’s game, as many hobbyists believe.

Edited: Same questions/concerns apply to proofs (PR68, PR69 & PR70)

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