Noobie Question about Older MS-70 Quality Coins Looking For Professional Opinion Pls.

Hi everyone, Hope all is well with you and yours. :smile

I have a couple questions about some coins that I purchased off a member on eBay.

I bought some 1954-1964 MS-70 Silver Coin Sets which consisted of The Penny, Nickle, Dime and Quarter.

For all of the sets that I purchased only the Quarter and Dime had Silver on the lable.

I dont think that these silver coins are the silver coins that get released today by the U.S. Mint where 90% of the coin is Silver and the remaining 10% Misc Metal, I think that they only have the Silver in them that came in the early coins of that time period. I would have to research to see actually how much silver the U.S. Mint put in to their Quarters and Dimes back then to actually know,… But anyway.

I’m only going to show some of the Quarters tonight because it’s late, If these Quarters are in fact Not MS-70 Quality than I’m pretty sure neither are the Pennies, Nickles or Dimes going to be.

I tried to take the best possible pictures for you guys to look at to tell me if in fact, For the Age of these Coins, Most being Over 50 Years Old are these MS-70 Coins?

Could someone please take a look at these coins and let me know what you think about them please?

I received the coins in a sealed plastic cases by INB.

More Pictures to follow in post below,… This forum Only Allows You To Post 5 Pictures Per Post For Some Reason.

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