Jefferson looking pretty and a thanks to Lehigh

Hey folks. When I first started collecting and joined CT a couple or three years ago, I was really struggling to find a particular type of coin to focus on. I was all over the board.
My choices were limited due to the rising value of silver.

Then, once I saw some posts from Lehigh and his stunning Jefferson nickels, I thought: "I gotta get me some of that!". So ever since then I have been hooked on Jefferson nickels. So, thanks Lehigh!

I have completed an MS set (sans 2 circulated coins), and now I just try and find full step and toned pieces.

I decided to start taking some images, as well as re-image some of my many beauties I acquired. This series is really underrated, in my opinion. Most of the toned nickels I have came from OBW (Original Bank Wrapped) rolls.

Here are a few from various years that have beautiful toning. I also tried out a new lighting technique. I think the images came out decent. My biggest problem with the images, are that some of them show that "orange peel" effect (very noticeable on the 50-D). That is due to the white balance on the camera, not enough light hitting the coin uniformly, and the macro really focusing in to much on the surface and not the overall coin. That effect is not seen in hand. As some of you know, I use a cheapy $60 camera and normal lights. Go Jefferson!!!!

My latest one. From (Thanks Robert!)
Size: ">Attachment 166311

These 4 are from original bank rolls:
Size: ">Attachment 166301

Size: ">Attachment 166306

Size: ">Attachment 166309

Size: ">Attachment 166310

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