Eva dry VS. Silica Gel

I was wondering just to get a general idea for the guys who store their coins in enclosed spaces such as home anchored safes, safe deposit boxs, security companies, etc..And for the ones who use a moisture absorbing substance if they use the regulaur Silica gel, or a Eva dry 500 de-humidifier.

The difference as far as i can tell is:

The eva dry 500 de-gumidifier absorbs moisture from your enclosed space and traps it in moisture absorbing beads in the plastic unit, when the beads change from blue to pink you just plug it into the wall and for 6-8 hours it takes to empty the moisture, you use a outlet instead of the oven.

Regular Silica Gel whether in a metal holder, or raw house casing you normally recharge in the oven for 2-4 hours or until the beads resume the normal color. Most come in 1 gram packets up to 5 pounds bags depending on how much you need, althoughy 40-100 grams would be ok for most safes.

So as a quick review, the eva dry is basically Silica Gel but it recharges in a outlet via wall or any other outlet, the cons are though when re charging it gets extremely hot and its heavy with all the moisture it aborbs, making it hard to keep it plugged into the wall, so normally you must place it vertical to a power strip.

Silica moisture absorbing gel can basically do what a eva dry de humidifier does but recharges in the oven, normally in less time.

What would you use, or what do you guys use?

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