Long time no see rant about Littleton coin company

Hey guys long time no see lol. I haven’t been buying coins and currency as much due to my first hobby (watch collecting):p. A few weeks ago I received Littleton’s Summer catalog well actually two with different covers. Two weeks ago I had asked my grandfather what coins he needed so I filled out the […]

18?3or8 shield nickel

Got it for a dollar I know its nothing special maybe AG if I’m lucky just wondering if you can tell the date Think it got ran over a time or two Attached Thumbnails     View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

Lol, my little brother just wrote a book on a coin

Here it is: Attached Thumbnails       View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

1801 $10 Capped Bust Gold Eagle EXTREMELY RARE MS61 PCGS OGH Certified!

$31,500.00End Date: Saturday Jul-27-2013 7:45:08 PDTBuy It Now for only: $31,500.00Buy It Now | Add to watch list View full post on

1922 peace dollar trial strike?

I have recently started a collection of Peace Dollars. Much to my great enjoyment, they are just loaded with varieties. I got one yesterday that someone may be able to help me with. Mr. Burdette’s "Guide Book to Peace Dollars" mentions trial strikes in 1922 that are characterized by the a which appears to be […]

Selling Gold Sovereign - how to …

I have some Gold Sovereign coins, and I’d like some advice on how to transfer them into cash. I can post them on EBay, sell them at a coin auction (e.g., Heritage Auctions), take them to a local coin dealer, contact a UK coin dealer on the web, or try to find a private individual […]

1802 Large Cent

Has a little corrosion, but can it be identified further. Attached Thumbnails     View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

Avoid Safe-T flips

I purchased about 500 of these from eBay, and the sellers/manufacturer claimed that they’re PVC free, but they’re not. They’re vinyl flips, but with lower levels of plasticizers. The way I determined this is you can use acetone to "seal" the flips by rubbing some with a Q-tip along the surface and squeezing it together. […]

Sclling on Amazon?

Has anyone here ever sold on Amazon? What are the differences between selling there vs. eBay? View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

Today’s delivery

Todays’ delivery looked like this: Attached Thumbnails   View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

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