Opportunity Knocks In Golden State-Trio Of Early June Auctions A Gold Mine For Collectors

Posted by Jim Bisognani for NGC Market Report Rare Coin Market Shows Unprecedented Strength and Scope. Goldberg’s, Bonham’s and Heritage’s Sales Take Spotlight; Key Date, Low Pop and High Grade Coins Will Be Targeted in Long Beach. After a brief respite for the numismatic faithful to enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday it was back to […]

Man saves his coins for 30 + years

I was reading a report on Reddit in which a man was saving his change and horded onto it for 30 years. Yep It was Heavy So they decided to roll every coin so they did just that $1,326.50 worth of pocket change. Then it was brought to his attention a majority of the dimes […]

Buffalo Nickels And Acid. FAIL

HI! The other day I walked into my favorite coin store and i asked him if he had any unwanted coins. He immediately gave me about 11 dollars of buffalo nickels FOR FACE. I have heard of vinegar but something I did wrong created the ugly black colored effect as shown. I know for a […]

Hot tip!

the 2013 penny nickels and dimes are out- get your rolls at your local bank- they will dry up in week or two View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

Could someone please explain this coin sale at the US Mint?

http://catalog.usmint.gov/webapp/wcs…egory_rn=31238 …it says sale ends June 6, and then right below it there is a different ship date all together… any help would be appreciated. Thank you View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

Bank Story from Today

Recently I have been asking for $2 bills at banks as a break from CRH. The ones I have stopped at haven’t had very many there, 10-15 tops to this point. Today I stopped at a Wells Fargo and asked the teller if he has any $2 bills. He says,"Absolutely, how many do you need?" […]

2013 US Mint Set, ATB 5 Oz Silver Coins and Unc. Gold Eagle Start June

June starts quickly for the United States Mint as it introduces four products in the first week alone. These include the bullion and collector versions of Perry’s Victory five ounce silver coins, the… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View full post on […]

Does anyone want to trade coins I want silver

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San Francisco Earthquake coin question

I have a question. The San Francisco mint made halves and dimes in 1906 during the year of the earthquake but no quarter. One of the coin sites (coinfacts) shows that all 3 coins (dime, quarter, & half) were minted, but not every mint make every coin. It shows that the dimes 1904-O and 1913-D, […]

Any cool silver coins lip oolong to start investing on a budget any sugjesgions

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