The Coin Analyst: Canadian Mint Plans to Stop Making Cents, and the U.S. Should Do the Same

by Louis Golino for CoinWeek The Royal Canadian Mint‘s 2012 budget, which was issued on March 29, does not include funding for the production of one cent coins, according to Canadian and U.S. media sources. The cost to produce and store the coins, not to mention the hassle of dealing with them, finally drove our […]

How passionate are you?

It’s no secret how passionate I can be about Barber halves. I think they are one of the most underrated series in US numismatics. I search multiple auction sites, read multiple coin books, look at as many coins in person and online that I can personally muster. I could practically read the Complete Guide to […]

Anybody have all the key and semi key date Lincoln’s?

I want to assemble all of them in higher grades. At least high AU to low to mid MS View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

Selling alternative to Ebay?

Does anyone know of a venue to sell coins online other than Ebay or private auction houses like Teletrade? I know of antique type sites like Ruby Lane, but am not aware of anything coin related or such. Thanks. Marcy View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

Always hard choices

I am sure that most have had this problem but I thought it might make for a little decent discussion. I have several coin and paper interests that I am currently working on, such as a complete PF/MS set of: modern commemoratives and ASE’s, Peace Dollars, Confederate and fractional currency, just to name a few. […]

Polyester vs. Vinyl coin pages

I know that the one thing to avoid when it comes to plastic coin storage is PVC. I also have learned that often times, PVC containing products are very pliable and have a "shower curtain" small. A while back, I purchased some 2×2 holding coin pages from a dealer. The company was "Supersafe" and they […]

Canada dropping one cent denomination

I heard this on the radio yesterday, and have confirmed it today from the U.S.A. Today that Canada is making 2012 the last year they will be producing their "penny." Now my topic for discussion is: when will the U.S. get their head out of their keister and stop with the cent? I know people […]

How do you get others interested in coins?

Do any of you have any ways you get others interested and involved in coins? I do alot of trading and selling of Sports cards and I was thinking about adding a coin to every package I ship. This will at least get people thinking about coins. I have about 300 canadian pennies from the […]

Coin Clock?

Anyone ever had one of these? Got it for $5 at auction. Sadly it was originally made to hold silver coins. Someone replaced it with clad, but it looks pretty spiffy for $5. View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

just like the song goes.. “too much time on my hands”

Ok .. someone has a little too much time on their hands.. or are simply a few fries short of a happy meal…item27b84b9819 View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

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