What Cameras do you all use?

Hello all, I am in search of a good camera so I can post some finds I ran across. The ones I have suck. I see numerous photos of coins on here with excellent detail. Anyone know of a good camera that won’t force me to sell my silver stash to get it. Thank you […]

eBay & DLRC to Auction Rare Collection of Lincoln Cents

eBay and David Lawrence Rare Coins today announced plans to auction one of the world’s largest — and rarest — Lincoln penny collections. The collection — the Presidential Collection of PCGS Registry Lincoln Cents — is one of the finest collections of Lincoln cents ever assembled, according to the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). A […]

Sales of US Mint Numismatic Coin Products Increase Slightly

First Spouse Gold Coins were among the better performing numismatic coin products based on the latest US Mint sales The United States Mint reported a bit more buying action in its most recent set of weekly sales even with the recent silver product suspensions. 45 numismatic coin products outperformed their previous increases versus 41 in […]

1921 Canada 5c 5 Cent King George Rare Key Date PCGS AU 53

$14,999.99 (0 Bids)End Date: Wednesday Mar-7-2012 16:40:58 PSTBid now | Add to watch list View full post on

xylene safety

I just bought some xylene to get the oils off of coins. I am a bit concerned about handling it safely. From what I understand, the vapors are dangerous and flammable. I live in a condo that has a balcony with no direct sunligh. Is this a safe place to keep the container? Also, if […]

Gold Pivots into Monthly Loss, Silver Dives Yet Gains 4.2% in February

On the final day of February, gold and silver fell from multi-month highs on the combination of profit-taking and testimony by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke which offered no hints of further monetary easing. Gold dived by more than $77 on Wednesday, switching what had been a positive month into a losing one to the tune […]

NGC slab question

I went by a local coin shop to pick up 2 or 3 edgeview slabs only $3.00 each. I noticed 2/3 have that little plastic line below the label raised, and you can’t stack them ontop of eachother, because the slab surface isn’t perfectly level. Why is this, and is the sealing poorer or what? […]

Finaly found something numismatic that I like from the US

Now this I like, The design of the eagle is beautiful and from all the coins and tokens I have seen from the US this is the only one that I would consider owning. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1837-Feuchtw…item5d3144e840 Siggi View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

Cleaning coins with dog slobber, toothpaste, and spacey metal polish stuff

Eureka!After many years of painstaking research, I have finally done it.I have discovered the IDEAL method for cleaning coins. It is safe, inexpensive, quick, easy, and 100% guaranteed to leave no trace of cleaning detectable by even the most advanced of methods.I am so confident in this method, I have chosen this nearly priceless 2001 […]

In The Lead – Buy the Rumor, Sell the Fact. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

http://www.kitco.com/ The ECB doled out more than $700 billion in loans to over 800 banks this morning in what may have been its last gesture of ‘kindness’ for a long time to come. While many are calling the latest ECB operation as a "liquidity injection" that smacks of an outright gift, we would be wise […]

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