weird looking 1976 dime

hey, does the "6" on the 76 look weird to anyone else? am i just seeing it wrong or does it look kind of squished? Attachment 153446 Attached Thumbnails   View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

What’s Your Preferred Day For The F. U. N. Show?

For those of you attending the F. U. N. show in Orlando next week, what is your pick for the best day to go? I’m thinking Friday, but would like to know what your thoughts are. Thanks. View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

How to [kindly] tell people they overpaid?

I go to auctions featuring coins about every weekend. I know about 2-3 people who over pay for coins. Although I realize people learn from their mistakes, I can’t stand it that these people are constantly overpaying. I know these people, but I don’t want to make them feel bad when I told them they […]

GSC auctions constantly bring more than market trends

I know there has been much talk throughout coin communities about Great Southern Coins. Some criticized the pictures, grading… even shill bidding and so on. What I can’t believe is how the coins they sell bring well over comparable coins. Here is a Buffalo Nickel they are selling for $440. The next link is a […]

How to tell if an old coin has been cleaned?

Ok, so I am learning. I can tell if a high grade coin has been cleaned, because it will remove the "mint cartwheel". Older silver coins that have been retoned will usually look different. The original toning usually has contrast, meaning some areas are darker than others. My hardest understanding is how to tell if […]

2012 Star Spangled Banner Commemorative Coins Designs

The United States Mint announced the four designs for the upcoming 2012 Star Spangled Banner commemorative coins. Star Spangled Banner Commemorative Coin Designs - Gold and Silver The coins celebrate the writing of the national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key, as well as the War of 1812. Up to 100,000 gold […]

Good business or scammer?

It takes all kinds.. Heard from someone that a certain buyer scans Ebay for Raw fairly expensive coins that he thinks he can jump grades and one that the seller offers 7+ day returns. Once he gets the coin in hand he takes it to a former grader he knows from a TPG and gets […]

Tips on haggling a pawn shop.

There is a NGC proof 65 franklin halve at my local pawn shop. He wants $30 for it. I like to buy locally. What would be the best way to approach him and find a way to pay less? I’m pretty sure it’s a 1957, which is $25 for proof in the redbook. Although I […]

Alright 1922 Peace Dollar FAKE or not?

Alright here is the deal I bought 5 storage units out of an Estate Sale (not a Storage Auction). Upon digging which I have only got 2 done. I came up with some good stuff which will come later. What I need is an answer is this fake or not?Attachment 153370Attachment 153371Attachment 153372Attachment 153373 Looks […]

Slabbed Buffalo

I got this for $50. How did I do? Attachment 153367Attachment 153368 Attached Thumbnails     View full post on CoinTalk - Coin Chat

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